COVID-19 Updates and Information

We are allowing clients into the building whose pet has scheduled an appointment with a doctor. We have not been allowing into the building any client whose pet does not have an appointment or clients whose pet is here for brief or routine treatments or procedures where mom or dad would not be present anyway (anal gland expressions, for example). This protocol is going well and we expect to continue this plan under the following conditions:

Face masks are optional for all staff and clients who are free of respiratory symptoms and fever. All other protocols remain the same.

If you have respiratory symptoms (coughing, sneezing, nasal congestion) and have a negative covid test, you will be allowed in the building only if you are wearing a mask. If you have not tested for covid or you are positive, we continue to request that you reschedule your appointment or have someone else bring your pet to the appointment.

Pet parents will not be allowed to bring human food or beverages into our building. We reserve the right to change this protocol at any time, without prior notice to you.

Our flow plan for mom and dad coming inside looks like this:

  1. You will check-in over the phone for any and all appointments in the same manner as we have been doing.
  2. When we are ready for you, a technician will come to your car and escort you into an exam room.
    Only 1 adult human will be allowed inside with the pet for all appointments other than euthanasia. One child human may accompany the adult human. Multiple children present will require the family to wait in the car while we perform services as a curbside appointment.
    For euthanasias, 2 humans will be allowed in the exam room, (2 adults or 1 adult + 1 child). For groups of 2+, we will perform the procedure outside.
  3. After the appointment is finished, you will be directed to the lobby for check-out. If you prefer to wait in your car for check-out, please let a member of our staff know. A maximum of 5 people will be allowed in the lobby at a time.
  4. If your pet needs to have further testing, etc. and there will be an extended wait time, you will be sent back to your car to wait to free up the exam room.
  5. If your pet needs medication filled, you will be allowed to wait in the lobby until the medication is prepared and you are ready for check out.
  6. Food and medication pickups and sample drop-offs will continue to take place socially distanced in the vestibule. Please do not enter the vestibule until directed by a member of our staff.If your pet is one of our numerous daily work-in, drop-off, or emergency appointments, you will continue curbside service. Our building is just too small to facilitate everyone coming into the building. This will continue indefinitely.We are currently booking wellness and vaccine appointments up to 3-4 weeks out. We do save 4-6 appointments per doctor each day for sick pets, but those tend to fill up days ahead of time. This means that the majority of you who have a pet that needs to be seen the same day or even the next day will be experiencing long waits and curbside service. Please know, we don’t like this way of life any more than you do. We are attempting to balance the high standard of care that you have come to expect with the high volume of patients that need to be seen. We are very much unwilling to sacrifice quality for numbers. We also do not like to turn away clients that depend on us to take care of their pets. So a few reminders here:
    • Calls and emails likely will not be returned until after 6 pm. We try our best to return all calls the same day. Sometimes a message will be relayed via our client care coordinators. If you still need to talk to a doctor, just let them know.
    • Medication refills will rarely be available on the same day. PLEASE do not wait until you run out of medication or you run out of food to call us. Additionally, there are SIGNIFICANT food backorders. We can help you find a solution but you need to give us advance notice.
    • If your pet is sick, we will do our best to see him/her ASAP. The earlier you call in the day, the better chance you have of being seen the same day. Calls after 4 pm will minimal chance of being seen that day unless your pet is bleeding or dying. Then, of course, head right over – but make sure you call first so we can prepare. That’s it for now, thank you all for your patience.

-The Staff at Gateway Veterinary Clinic